About Integrity Wealth & Financial

Integrity Wealth & Financial is growing with offices in two locations to better serve our clients.  We serve the greater Madison area from nearby locations in Sauk City, and Reedsburg.  Micah Snyder works diligently to stay up to date on the latest information and trends out there. We continue to educate ourselves, to provide the best strategies for our clients.

We work with the best companies out there so you know that your money is safe and secure to achieve the desired outcomes for you and your family.  Our network of professionals are always available to help with all your planning needs, whether that be estate planning, business planning, or the personal side as well.  Rest assure Integrity Wealth & Financial will be there for you and your family whatever curve balls life throws your way.  It has been said that "People do not plan to fail, but fail to plan."  

Contact us today to find out more of what make Integrity Wealth & Financial uniquely postitioned to help you achieve the best possible outcomes!


Micah J. Snyder, Owner & Founder


Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Micah J. Snyder and I grew up nearby on a small dairy farm in Spring Green.  In college, I studied Social Science/Secondary Education and taught for 2 years.  My career took another path at that point and I began working at Kraemer Brothers for 8 years.  At the same time with my older brother and parents, we started a Cattle Embryo Transfer business-which I still own and operate today.  All of these experiences and career growth led me to the financial world in August of 2010. I launched Integrity Wealth & Financial, LLC in January of 2014.  In this business, it takes education, hard work, drive, passion for people, and a high level of integrity to ask people to trust you with one of the most important things in their life-their livelihood!  And I do not take this lightly.  My life experiences have taught me the qualities it takes to be the best for my clients in this industry.  The foundation of Integrity Wealth & Financial is built from the qualities instilled in me through life; hard work, drive, respect and integrity.

I can write a bunch of fluff and roses, but that's not me.  I am not a person that is going to try to get your business just to grow my business.  Integrity Wealth & Financial was created with heart-I want my clients to succeed with the strategies we put in place.  IT IS NOT about my pocket book, it is about yours.  That being said, I believe over 2/3rd's of people are "robot investors"; meaning they invest in the market only.  With Integrity Wealth & Financial, we don't apply the same template to everyone.  Each client is unique and has a different situation, so coming up with a strategy that fits them and not the advisor is true integrity.

What else would I like you to know about me?  I am a family oriented person.  My wife Amy and I have 2 children; live close and spend a great deal of time with our extended family.  Farming, hunting, coaching, hanging out with friends are a few of the things that I enjoy.  Lastly, I am very confident that when we meet, you will know my dedication to my clients and that it shows in everything I do and believe in...with Integrity.




Strategic Plan:

We will accomplish this not in just one meeting but a series of encounters.  We pride ourselves in meeting your goals throughout these fundamental steps:

  •  Listening to your needs
  •  Gather the necessary information
  •  Presenting our finding and together implementing the strategies
  •  Review and updating current strategies

These may sound simple, but are the basis for a solid plan to secure your future.